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The ideal living area is provided by Sceneca Residential, and adjacent grocery stores are also available

Mar 5

Sceneca Residence, a 99-year freehold property, is located in District 16 next to Tanah Merah MRT Station. It is an external building with 265 housing units, individual houses, and amenities for everyone. Supermarkets are defined as having a minimum floor area of 1100 m2. The Seneca Residence has two bedrooms and is about 10,000 square meters. The Seneca Residence has 265 residential units, all of which are on upper levels.

Sceneca Residence's extensive range of homes will ensure that each homeowner is in the position to find the ideal home that best fits their needs.

is situated in a prime location in Tanah Merah, which is home to the Sceneca Residence, in the quiet neighborhood of Tanah Merah. Nearby restaurants and shopping centers include Changi City Point, the most opulent Jewel Changi Airport, and Singapore Expo.

Sceneca Residence condo units will share the same connection with the MRT station that is located inside the building. The apartment will remain a part of the community. The apartment will offer the ideal living space since it is shielded from railway lines, as well as grocery stores and food shops and retail stores.

Nearby Amenities

Bedok is a vibrant neighborhood that is loved by all who is a fan of nature due to the numerous exciting activities based on nature which are offered. Being outdoors however, within the Sceneca home, Singapore is the ideal area to live in. The neighborhood is brimming with many activities to enjoy. The well-known East Coast Park and Bedok Reservoir Park are just two minutes of the Sceneca home of those who are an avid water sports enthusiasts.

The site at the location of The Sceneca Condo with its close proximity of MRT Station Tanah Merah is an attractive feature that could give future residents substantial benefit. There's a Changi Airport branch line terminates at the station's interchange point it's an expressway that connects East and West. Tampines, Paya Lebar, and Changi Business Park are all accessible to residents.

Enhance capability of operation as well as operation

With a well-organized and well-organized home, you can experience the pleasure of living in a peaceful and tranquil place. With a flexible and customizable design that can be used for both home and office and innovative ways to work and live.

The scenery around is stunning, with stunning backdrops to make the space you would like to create featuring modern-day features and an original style. The gorgeous nature is enhanced with nature-inspired landscapes, as well as the water elements.

Expo MRT interchange facility is connected by an underground line that is known as the Downtown Line. Downtown Line is situated just two steps away from Tanah Merah MRT station. The line, also known as The Thomson East Coast Line (TEL) will be extended to the Central Business District (CBD) and also the northern part of Singapore in 2024. It is linked to an MRT station that will bring visitors to Expo. According to the URA's (URA) Master Plan will be completed by 2024.

Changi Region is a crucial region that is expected to grow. Changi Region appears to be an important economic driver due to the construction of the coming Terminal 5, Changi East Industrial Zone and Changi East Urban District.

 Tanah Merah Kechil Mixed-Use Project received bids from 15 that comprise MCC Land putting down roughly $249 million (approximately $930/square foot (ppr). Sceneca Residence is located within Sceneca Town. Sceneca. It houses a % in that range 3.0 and covers the area of 95,549 sq feet (sq feet).

The average break-even price at Sceneca Residential is between $1.480 and $1.540 per square foot. The initial cost could range from $1700 to $1800.

MCC Land has made an offer to purchase Tanah The link for 249 million (or about 1900 USD per square foot). Mixed-use development Tanah Merah Kechil Link. Sceneca Residence is a 95.549 square foot area with an average floor area of 3.0.

The break-even figure for the Sceneca Residence Condo could be between $1,480 and $100 per square foot. The initial cost might be in the $1700–1800 square range.

Sceneca Residence is the ideal family home that is designed specifically for families with children as well as families that have more than one generation. The home was built to meet the needs of your family.